Signs That Indicate a Need for Home Health Care

signs-that-indicate-a-need-for-home-health-careWhen an elderly parent or family member is living independently, you may feel concerned for his or her safety. Although your senior loved one may be capable of taking care of their needs now, there will come a time when they require the help of caregivers to meet their daily needs.

As a leading home health care agency, we will discuss the signs that indicate a need for in-home care:

  • Poor Personal Hygiene
    If your senior loved one has always been particular about their hygiene, you may notice a change right away. Poor personal hygiene can be caused by dulling senses and fear or discomfort in using the bathroom. It can also be a symptom of depression or cognitive decline. Other red flags include a cluttered home with soiled clothing and piles of laundry.
  • Unhealthy Weight Gain/Loss
    Sudden changes in weight could be a sign your loved one is not eating well. Your elderly loved one may find it challenging to prepare well-balanced meals that meet their dietary needs. A home care agency offering companionship in California can offer assistance with meal preparation.
  • Frequent Forgetfulness
    Although forgetting every now and then is normal, frequent forgetfulness and confusion are not a healthy part of aging. If your loved one is suddenly finding it difficult to remember important dates or is getting lost in familiar places, it could be a sign of cognitive decline.

AJ Home Health Care Services LLC is a trusted provider of home health care services in Los Angeles, California. To facilitate healthy aging at home, we offer several care solutions and services that range from hourly care to homemaker services. Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your elderly loved one’s needs.

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