Say No to Falls! Here’s How to Prevent It!


Falls continue to remain the leading cause of accidents and mortality among people over 65, even if we don’t anticipate it will happen. An advantage of falls is that they can be avoided. How can one ensure that the golden years remain golden when there is a high likelihood of falling?

Encourage them to speak with their health care provider if they have any concerns about falling, lightheadedness, or balance so that they can be evaluated for risk and recommended programs or in- home care services that may be of assistance. Create a personalized exercise plan for yourself or ask recommendations from your physician. Regular exercise strengthens your muscles, enhances your body, and keeps you flexible.

Have your blood pressure checked whether you’re standing or sitting. If you require assistance taking your blood pressure or keeping track of it, our caregivers can help.

Some medications can cause you to fall since they can affect your coordination and balance. Discuss your medications with your doctor and inquire whether you can be given alternatives to lessen your risk of falling. If you have difficulties remembering to take your medications, our home health care services in Los Angeles, California may be quite beneficial.

Environmental factors like inadequate lighting in the house are one of the most common causes of falls in seniors. Therefore, if you share a home with an elderly person, make sure it is adequately lit. Companionship in California may ensure your loved ones’ security while you’re away in addition to providing emotional support.

When you work with AJ Home Health Care Services LLC, we can evaluate your home’s environment, pinpoint potential fall hazards, advise you on home modifications you can make, and offer excellent and comprehensive elderly care.

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