Causes of Cognitive Decline and How to Prevent It


Cognitive decline or cognitive impairment is a serious problem that some older adults experience. Decline in cognitive function refers to the concern of an individual’s thinking, memory, concentration, and other brain function. 

This can come suddenly or gradually and it can be temporary or permanent. That is why it is important that as family Caregivers we need to monitor our senior loved ones’ cognitive function by checking them up daily to see if any show any symptoms of cognitive decline before it can get worse. 

Here are some of the causes of cognitive decline in older adults:

  • Delirium and substance abuse
  • Medication and vitamin deficiency
  • Neurodegenerative conditions and toxins
  • Problems with hormones and kidney or liver dysfunction
  • Psychiatric conditions and injury and other medical conditions

Listed below are some helpful ways to prevent cognitive decline in your loved ones:

  • Help them stay socially active
  • Keep them physically active
  • Prepare healthy meals for them 
  • Encourage them to keep learning by reading books, playing board games, etc.
  • Avail Companionship in California so they can have someone by their side always

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