Your Guide to Senior Nutrition


It can be challenging to determine if a loved one is receiving proper nutrition. What you may perceive as a healthy meal plan may not be what a senior needs. Good nutrition is one of the pillars of elderly care, so we must pay attention to it. A lot of seniors are suffering from malnourishment, especially those living alone or staying in nursing homes. Some of the effects of malnourishment include severe anemia, poor wound healing, lack of energy, and an increase in hospitalization.

As assigned caregivers, we should take proactive measures in ensuring that the elderly will maintain a healthy diet. Here are ways to improve senior nutrition:

  • Lay Out Meal Preparation
    Part of our in-home care services is preparing healthy and appealing meals. Our healthcare team recognizes that one of the contributing factors to malnourishment among elder adults is the diminishing of their senses which makes food taste bland so we fill plates with colorful fruits and vegetables that are aimed at improving their overall health.
  • Dietary Restrictions
    In taking care of a person that’s more vulnerable to different ailments like the elderly, it is always best to seek out professional help. Reach out to your loved one’s doctor or nutritionist to know the kind of food they should avoid. AJ Home Health Care Services LLC is known for its partnership with other healthcare professionals as it is our goal to have our patients achieve a greater quality of life.
  • Eat Meals Together
    Eating should be a social activity, especially for seniors since they are prone to isolation and feelings of loneliness. Our home health aides offer companionship in California.

For other services like homemaker services and respite care for your loved ones, home health care services in Los Angeles, California is available.

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