Medication Management Among the Elderly


It is common knowledge that as people age, their risk of developing chronic illnesses increases. Elderly care takes into account that as the body changes, the immune system may not be as effective as it was during a person’s prime and healing takes more time. Medical intake becomes a  complex process as the more prescription lists become longer, the more chances there are to commit medication errors.

Our caregivers in AJ Home Health Care Services LLC are tasked with following structured and cost-effective procedures that would ensure safe prescription, maintenance, and use of medicines. Annually, there are many cases of hospitalization among the elderly due to medication errors which could eventually lead to a financial burden.

As a home health care agency we want to provide the elders with useful information to better guide them on the advantages of their medications while also minimizing dosage errors. Some of the measures we take are the proper organization of medicines through labeling and medical kits as well as developing a system for tracking the patient’s medicines.

The home health care services in Los Angeles, California also prioritize consulting the doctor for accurate prescriptions and formulating a plan where older people could fit medication into their daily routine seamlessly.

Our companionship in California can be a good additional support to your loved one as it takes a highly-skilled and determined health team to reach optimal results when it comes to the senior’s health.

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